Customer needs are always varied. DNTL was established with the main objective of adding greater value to customers’ products and realising the potential of innovation. DNTL focuses on in-house developed technological products, products based on green chemistry and alternate technologies, and focuses on niche markets as a key intermediate supplier for advanced materials and life sciences products. DNTL is in the business of phenols and xylenols and their derivatives, with manufacturing facilities in India. The promoters have had expertise in handling hazardous chemicals for over five decades. Under their able guidance, DNTL has incorporated the legacy of innovation and excellence, thereby creating greater value and gaining customer satisfaction. Our facilities are re-created in line with our legacy. We are among the very few companies in the world that employ the Vapor Phase Catalytic reaction technologies for manufacturing various Cresols and Xylenols, specialty Nitriles, specialty Amines & their derivatives.

We are able to provide customized products from the same facility after mastering and having strong expertise in Vapor Phase Catalytic reaction and processes. The company is the first in the world to develop a synthetic alternative eco-friendly route for acetonitrile. The largest producer and supplier of 2,6 Xylidine to the life science segment. Specialty bisphenols were previously regarded as downstream niche products of cresols and xylenols, developing more than 20 specialty bisphenol monomers. DNTL develops and manufactures a wide range of specialty molecules and functional monomers that find end-use applications in the life science and advanced materials segments.

In line with our main objective, we have a high-performing R&D team that constantly seeks to find better ways of bringing value to our products and new product applications to become a versatile player in the global market.

Environmental protection begins at home. We are committed to the environment and the safety and security of our people, both within the premises and nearby communities. Our process and quality control ensure zero effluent discharge at our facilities. As a part of our quality system, we conduct safety and security drills at regular intervals. We are a Responsible Care and ISO certified company and abide by the necessary regulatory norms.


DNTL aims to be the valuable partner to chemical, polymer and life sciences companies worldwide, catering to their specialized outsourcing needs. Our technological solutions in the area of chemistry and chemical engineering in this sphere will be outstanding.


DNTL aims to be an enabler that actively seeks solutions that allow the chemical industry to meet an ever-increasing demand for better products. With superior manufacturing efficiencies, an ingenious R&D team we will be the preferred partner, instrumental in meeting the chemical industry’s need for innovation.